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    Welcome to Decimation. Home of gimps, pimps and everyone else in between. After a major update and reform, we are officially only doing Abyssea. We do however do every other event low man, when/if possible for the sacks and I. Our reputation isn't the best but our resume as a team is overwhelming.

Abyssea runs starts Monday through Friday at 7:30 pm (GMT); 2:30pm - 3:00pm (EST)


Kannagi has arrived! Sobek ready to be departed. 3/26/11

Omegataru, Mar 26, 11 1:05 PM.
Congratulations~ Madlavitz <3
One step closer on the road to Blade: Hi.

On the road to Kannagi~

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 6:04 PM.
As we all sit calm we know Briareus is about to get hurt!
On the road to Kannagi~
Suit up!


Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 5:56 PM.
After a long brawl with the half-god Shinryu we are finally done with Twilight.
Congratulations everyone!

Raiders Set +2: Complete~ Congrats Darknano

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 5:22 PM.
Goodbye Leche, Hello sexy Abs. I mean new thf >.>; Congrats Darknano

  Raiders set 5/5 Complete. 3/8/11

Unkai Set +2: Complete~ Congrats Darknano

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 5:19 PM.
More ugly pinks have arrived. Congrats Darknano

  Unkai set 5/5 Complete. 2/6/11

Orison set +2

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 5:18 PM.
Hurray for more healing~!

Orison set 5/5 Complete. 2/6/11

The bloodshed continues~ Congratulations~ Madlavitz~ 1/28/11~ Almace

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 3:02 PM.
Congralutions Madlavitz~ <3
Special thanks to everyone in screenshot~

The bloodshed begins~ Congratulations Darknano~ 1/15/11~ Masamune

Omegataru, Mar 16, 11 2:52 PM.
Congratulations Baby!
Thanks to Angelos, Lechero, Madlavitz and Firebrand~

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